Episode Ten – The Dalek Invasion of Earth



They came, they saw, and they conquered…but they didn’t count on the Doctor!

This week it’s the Dalek Invasion of Earth.


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2 responses to “Episode Ten – The Dalek Invasion of Earth

  • Robert

    I found your show recently on the Doctor Who podcast list and I liked it since the first episode, I like the whole idea of you two debating every detail about the episodes from the classics (there is not enough classic who in the internet and for a recent fan of the classics, this keeps the whole experience funnier!), although I wish the episodes were a bit longer, like 1 hour for 1-4 parted stories and a bit more time for bigger episodes and I had some questions: For some missing stories, are you going to talk about the animation since it is a big part of recovering the episodes? And are you going to review side stories like animated and audio stories or the doctor who movie: daleks’ invasion of earth 2150 AD (it’s doctor who related but not canon) or episodes that were never brodcast like Shada?
    P.S: Thank you for making me enjoy the classics even more than I had so far and continue doing a great work, guys!


    • grindingpodcast

      Hey, Robert!

      First off, thanks for listening (to be honest, we weren’t sure if anyone would check it out, let alone enjoy it).

      For the missing episodes we will be covering those with the added animation for sure, and Doug and I were just talking about reviewing both non-canon movies as a way to break things up. We might end up doing that with some of the other stories, but keep in mind, just focusing on the canon material will keep us busy for the foreseeable future. That being said, we’ll definitely talk it over and see what’s viable and what would fit best.

      Now, to the question about the length. This was something we debated a bit, as a lot of podcasts out there are up to an hour, but we weren’t sure what would be considered too long for what we were doing. But, of course, fan input changes things. It just may happen as the show grows. 🙂

      And man, anything we can do to increase your Doctor Who enjoyment is pretty much the whole reason we started doing this.

      Thanks again for the comment, keep listening, and feel free to drop us a line any time.



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